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Weather in Bulgaria: Expect Temperatures from -3°C to 28°C in October

The average monthly temperature in October will be around and below the norm. Degrees will be from minus 3 to 28 degrees Celsius.

The monthly amount of precipitation in most of the country will be less than usual, which for the southeastern regions is between 60 and 90 l / sq.m, for the rest – between 40 and 60 l / sq.m, in the mountains – from 80 to 100 l / sq.m.

During the first days of the month the temperatures in the country will be lower than usual. Above Western and Central Bulgaria there will be more significant ruptures and temporary reductions in cloudiness, and over Eastern Bulgaria it will remain mostly cloudy. There will be light rainfall in the extreme eastern regions.

By the middle of the first ten days in most parts of the country it will be without precipitation, with scattered clouds, over many areas to mostly sunny. It will be warmer.

By October 7, the clouds will increase and by the end of the ten-day period, cloudy weather will prevail. There is also an increased probability of precipitation, and temperatures will drop and will again be below climatic norms. During the second ten days the tendency for relatively cool weather remains, but by the end of the period the temperatures will relatively increase and will approach the norms. The clouds will be variable, often significant, on some days, in some places there will be precipitation, mostly light.

At the beginning of the third 10-day period, temperatures will be around normal. There will be more sun in the first half of the period, but the probability of morning fog or inversion clouds in the flat part of the country increases. Around the middle of the ten-day period, the probability of precipitation is relatively higher, and in the last days of the period it decreases. Then there are prospects for relatively high temperatures.