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(DF) Low Quorum at Hearing of Candidates for Supreme Judicial Council Members

October 9 (BTA) – The General Assembly of Judges Saturday held a hearing of the two candidates for members of the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC), Varna District Court judge Deyan Denev and Supreme Administrative Court judge Marina Mihaylova. The meeting was held with a very low quorum: around 400 out of the 2,200 magistrates with the right to vote. The new SJC members will be elected on October 17. The two candidates, who are competing for two vacant positions, Saturday took questions and outlined their priorities should they get elected. Denev listed as tasks before the SJC the meeting of public expectations for a quality judicial reform, the upholding of the Judiciary’s independence, including through legislative changes in the constitution, structure and election of SJC members, the reforming of the judicial map, and e-justice. Mihaylova listed as her priorities the training, independence, assessment, promotion, and relocation of magistrates, as well as the electronization of all processes in the Judiciary. The two positions at the SJC became vacant after on June 18 members Boryana Dimitrova and Krassimir Shekerdjiev resigned, and around a month ago judges called for a boycott of the General Assembly’s meeting. A petition was also launched demanding the resignation of the entire SJC.