(DF) Government Adopts Programme for Compensation of Non-Household Electricity Consumers

October 21 (BTA) – On Thursday, the government adopted a programme for compensation of nonhousehold consumers of electricity, caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev told a news briefing at the Council of Ministers. Yanev said that the programme will extend to over 630,000 small and medium-sized businesses which will receive 110 leva per 1 MWh in compensation. The money will be allocated automatically based on a contract between the Energy Ministry and electricity traders, suppliers of last resort, energy producers and operators on the regulated electricity market, said Yanev. According to him, the compensation will be calculated based on the electricity consumption in MWh and the fixed support rate. The programme will make available a total of 450 million leva in the period from October 1 to November 30 2021 and the compensation will be paid by the end of 2021. The support measure complements other interim measures undertaken at a national level in order to improve the transparency and the operation of the energy market and enhance regulatory control, said Yanev. The funding under the programme will be provided under the state budget from the Kozloduy N-plant. Over the coming years, the amount will be deducted from the dividend owed by the Bulgarian Energy Holding. RY/PP //