(DF) Tourist Business Pushes for Covid Green Pass Based on Antibodies Test

October 23 (BTA) – Trade associations in the tourism and restaurant sectors, children’s centres, and gyms, urge the government to recognize the test for coronavirus antibodies as a ground to obtain a covid green pass. The associations, which Saturday issued a position after a meeting, said that the current coronavirus measures, the latest of which is the introduction of a covid green certificate, are discriminatory in respect of some businesses and will not produce the desired health effect. The associations threatened with nationwide protests if their demands are not met. As of October 21, an order issued by caretaker Health Minister Stoycho Katsarov limits access to indoor activities to holders of proof of COVID-19 vaccination, recovery or negative coronavirus test. The meeting of the trade associations was attended by representatives of the Confederation of the Bulgarian Tourism Business, the Alliance of the Tourism Industry in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Association of Eating and Drinking Establishments, the Association of Eating and Drinking Establishments in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association, the Bulgarian Health and Fitness Association, the Bulgarian Association of Retail Centres, and representatives of children’s centres. In the position the associations say that if their demands are not met, as of October 27 they are ready to launch nationwide protects in all cities. The associations voice support for the covid green pass “as the only alternative to a total lockdown, but not in the way the certificate is implemented at the moment”. They push for recognizing the antibodies test as a ground to obtain the certificate, noting that this is successfully implemented in Austria. Furthermore, they argue that the entire state and municipal administration should work with a green certificate. “As the biggest employer, the state must lead by example,” the business associations say in the position. Another demand is that the requirement for the certificate should only be enforced when the country is in the red or dark red zone of coronavirus infections. The rationale for the proposals is to broaden as much as possible the scope of the covid green pass, which the associations argue will produce a good health effect and will also unblock as many businesses as possible. ZH