(DF) President meets with Organizations of Bulgarians in Republic of North Macedonia, Pledges Decisive Support for Their Efforts for Equality

October 27 (BTA) – Meeting with representatives of organizations of Bulgarians from the Republic of North Macedonia on Wednesday, President Rumen Radev said that “Bulgaria decisively stands behind you in your fight for equality with the other parts of peoples in the Republic of North Macedonia”. The delegation of the Bulgarian community in Republic of North Macedonia included representatives of the Civil Democratic Union Party, and of the associations Ivan Mihailov in Bitola, Tribune in Prilep, the Association for Macedonian-Bulgarian Friendship in Skopje, Corridor VIII in Skopje, Interaction in Ohrid, and Unity in Kocani. “You may rest assured that we will defend your interest, as we have been doing so far,” Radev said. The President said that Bulgaria is in the process of formulation of a new policy towards the Republic of North Macedonia. Peter Kolev from the Civil Democratic Union said that they are from that part of the citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia who most strongly want the European future of their country but that this cannot happen “at the expense of the national interest of the Bulgarian people, in particular of that part of it who lives in the Republic of North Macedonia”. RY/ZH //