(DF) Bulgarians Abroad to Vote in 753 Polling Stations at November 14 Elections

October 28 (BTA) – The Bulgarians abroad will be able to vote in 753 polling stations at the upcoming November 14 elections, Central Election Commission (CEC) spokesman Tvetsozar Tomov told a briefing on Thursday. Tomov said that there are still several countries from which decisions on opening such polling stations are still expected, including Germany, whose Foreign Ministry has informed CEC that the maximum number of addresses where polling stations can be opened is 40. CEC will comply with this requirement, Tomov said. Also, CEC has determined how many members section election commissions abroad will have. Talks are underway with the political parties to come up with candidates to be appointed in such commissions. Tomov said that an extra-parliamentary runner: the Continue the Change Coalition too, takes part in the talks, which he said is a precedent this year. CEC noted that the proposed names by Continue the Change will be taken into account only if vacancies remain in the section election commissions after the candidates of the parliamentary formations have been appointed. The total number of members of section election commissions abroad will be 4,115, 753 of whom will be commission heads and secretaries, and 708, deputy heads, as 45 commissions have three members only, Tomov said. Some 208 section election commissions abroad will have two voting machines each. Tomov said that the preparation for voting abroad is proceeding according to schedule. On November 14 Bulgaria holds regular presidential elections and snap parliamentary elections. RY/ZH //