(DF) Lockdown to Be Imposed if Antiepidemic Measures Fail to Yield Results – Health Minister Katsarov

October 31 (BTA) – Caretaker Health Minister Stoicho Katsarov told bTV Sunday that a lockdown is being considered. “We are in a situation where if the measures currently being applied do not yield the necessary results, all economic and public activities will have to be suspended. We have a chance, however, to get out of this situation if we observe the measures and get vaccinated,” he said. Asked whether there will be lockdown prior to the November 14 elections, he said he can neither confirm or dismiss such a possibility, as it depends on the situation in the country. Katsarov said that under the current circumstances, the caretaker Government’s plan provides for a full lockdown. He said the green certificate requirement was an alternative option. The fact that there is a certain number of vaccinated or people who have recovered from COVID-19 allows them to carry on with their public activities, he added. The Health Minister said that the morbidity is 25 per cent higher compared to last year, adding that the health care system is overloaded. There are less hospitalizations compared to previous waves, but the situation in ICUs is critical. The health care system is on the brink of failing to provide enough ICU beds or physicians to treat the growing number of patients. Katsarov was adamant this is the most severe COVID-19 wave so far, which is due to the low number of vaccinated people. There is a possibility for COVID-19 patients to be treated abroad and that can be arranged between neighboring countries, Katsarov said, adding that this option was offered to Bulgaria by EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides. He believes, however, that Bulgaria can cope without having to resort to this option. RY/MY /МЙ/