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(DF) PM Yanev: Green Transition Should Not Be at Expense of Anybody

November 2 (BTA) – In a post published on the official Facebook page of the Council of Ministers Tuesday, Bulgarian caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev presented Bulgaria’s position on the climate change challenges which he will report at the World Leaders Summit at the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP 26) in Glasgow. According to Yanev, no one should be harmed during the green transition process. “I truly believe that the preservation of nature must be a fundamental priority. Protecting the environment is a civilizational choice and by doing so we lay the foundations of a better world for future generations and guarantee the opportunity for sustainable economic development, giving a chance to mankind. Such a prospect justifies the efforts made while fighting for climate neutrality,” Yanev added. “We can achieve climate neutrality only if we act together. It is important to be precise, flexible and reasonable in this, taking into account the countries’ national characteristics. No one should be left behind during the green transition process, nor should it take place at anybody’s expense,” Yanev argued. According to the Prime Minister, the transformation is necessary but it also has to be just, in order to be a successful one. “I believe that speed is not decisive for achieving it. Decisive are solidarity, reasonable approach and the consensus that necessary reforms should be made when we are ready and sure we have protected our national economic and social systems. I am convinced that only viable economies could be successfully transformed in the context of the green transition”, Yanev said. KK, ZH