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Leading PR Agency M3 Communications Group Launches Campaign “Office Without Plastic”

The leading PR agency is committed to eliminating disposable plastic in its office by the end of 2022.

M3 Communications Group, Inc. launches internal activities to eliminate single-use plastic in their office. The leading PR company announced the beginning of an initiative with a special logo and the motto “Office without plastic” which will join the effective implementation of European regulations to reduce plastic pollution in Bulgaria. This is another socially responsible campaign of the leading PR agency in Bulgaria, which over the years has partnered with various NGOs and organized dozens of CSR activities with its partners and clients. Last year, the company was officially licensed as a “Non-Discrimination Company.”

The Plastic Free Office project aims to permanently reduce the use of plastic products in the office of M3 Communications Group, Inc. and the gradual elimination of disposable plastic cutlery, plates, cups, straws, bottles, food cans and bags by the end of 2022. Its implementation will encourage a change in the behavior of the whole team in work and personal terms in order to reduce pollution. environment.

M3 Communications Group, Inc. has already launched concrete steps for the introduction of alternative environmentally friendly office supplies, daily accessories, designated places for recycling plastic waste, information boards, help manuals, as well as interesting activities with prizes to motivate its employees.

“This project is another important step on our way to becoming a more sustainable company. Many organizations understand the need to take action, but this change must happen today, not tomorrow. That’s why we at our company are excited to find more solutions to reduce plastics in our daily lives, and we also hope that our example will influence our customers and partners,”said Maxim Behar, CEO of M3 Communications Group, Inc.

M3 Communications Group, Inc. is one of the PR innovators in Bulgaria for almost 27 years and has established itself as a company with high corporate social responsibility, which supports and organizes various charitable initiatives. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the agency has provided its professional services free of charge to non-governmental organizations in order to effectively communicate key messages about health and safety to the most vulnerable groups. M3 Communications Group, Inc. is also an active member of the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBLF), among the founders of the first Bulgarian Diversity Charter, which promotes diversity, equality and the sharing of good practices between companies in this regard.

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