(DF) Parallel Counts: in Legislative Elections, GERB Trail Continue the Change for Top of Parliament, Radev Leads for President but Run-off Inevitable

November 14 (BTA) – According to parallel vote counts conducted by sociological agencies, Continue the Change are certain to have garnered the most votes in the early parliamentary elections, whereas incumbent Rumen Radev has a commanding lead in the presidential elections but will still have to take on runner-up Anastas Gerdjikov in a run-off on November 21. All agencies give Vazrazhdane a representation in the legislature but are definite that Rise Up BG! Here We Come! will not make it to the next parliament. Parliamentary elections – Gallup Balkan/Trend/Alpha Research (per cent): Continue the Change: 26.3/25.5/26.1 GERB-UDF: 23.1/22.4/23.5 Movement for Rights and Freedoms: 11.5/10.5/11.7 BSP for Bulgaria: 10.8/10.7/10.9 There Is Such a People: 98.1/9.5/9.5 Democratic Bulgaria: 6.4/6.4/6.5 Vazrazhdane: 5.0/4.8/4.8 Presidential elections – Gallup Balkan/Trend/Alpha Research (per cent): Rumen Radev: 49.8/49.8/50.1 Anastas Gerdjikov: 23.9/21.9/23.8 Mustafa Karadayi: 9.4/10.0/9.6 Kostadin Kostadinov: 4.2/3.6/4.1 Lozan Panov: 3.5/5.0/3.5