(DF) Podcast Explores Fundamentals of Success for Young People in Bulgaria

(Desislava Toncheva, BTA) – A podcast titled Road To Success explores the fundamentals of success in Bulgaria. The team behind the podcast provide a platform where young Bulgarians, who are somewhere along their journey to success in a variety of fields, can share their stories and what enabled them to achieve their goals, podcast host and co-creator Yuli Yuliev said in a BTA interview. Road To Success will have 50 episodes, with 10 currently out so far. The topic of each episode depends on the expertise of the guest. It is available on YouTube, podcast platforms and on roadtosuccess.bg. Some of the topics covered so far include social entrepreneurship; the role that hobbies play in achieving success; stress and burnout; personal branding and how to turn a hobby into a profession; online communication and its benefits for young people; the Tik-Tok & the NFT revolutions; leadership and how to build lasting teams; formal and informal education; financial and media literacy, explained Yuliev. Road to Success have so far featured Tuk-tam NGO founder Hristo Boyadzhiev, Anomaly advertising agency founder Hristomir Vitanov, marketing and startup expert Nikola Yanev as well as NGO representatives and experts in IT and psychology. The project was funded by the Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF), which supports exchange alumni initiatives that promote shared values and innovative solutions to global challenges, and was executed by members of the Bulgarian US Ambassador’s Youth Council (USYC). Between November 5 and November 7, the creative team behind the podcast organized a conference, which aimed to teach young people about podcasts. The Podcast Conference gathered more than 30 high school students from 11 different cities around Bulgaria, who had little to no experience with podcasting but were interested in creating their own podcast productions. Throughout the three-day intensive programme they learned how to choose their podcasting idea and pick the right format; how to do proper marketing of their podcast production; they also learned how to fund their podcast and what technical skills they need, said Yuliev. Among the guest speakers at the Podcast Conference was US Ambassador Herro Mustafa. More information about the Road to Success podcast and the Podcast Conference is available at: roadtosuccess.bg. DT//