National Protest of Restaurant Owners in Greece

Not many cafes and restaurants opened in Greece today. Their owners are participating in a national protest against the measures that restrict the customers of the restaurants.

In reality, only the vaccinated can visit restaurants, the waiters comment. It is very rare for unvaccinated people to take an antigen test to go to a restaurant.

One week after the introduction of the restrictions, the turnover has dropped by 50%, protesting restaurant owners say and add that hundreds of restaurants are facing bankruptcy, employees are being fired en masse.

The restaurateurs demand aid for the rents of the establishments, reduction of the VAT to 6%, as well as the possibility for halls only for the unvaccinated.

Development Minister Georgiadis accused the tourism sector, which received the most funds during the quarantine, of “ingratitude”.

At the same time, the government informed today that sufficient funds have been set aside from the budget for heating aid, and that foreign citizens living in Greece are also entitled to this.