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6 Ideas on How to Reduce Electricity Bills in the Winter

Lower temperatures in winter are a prerequisite for higher electricity consumption compared to previous months

Traditionally, at the beginning of the winter season, EVN Bulgaria reminds its customers of some tips for rational use of electricity in the home. They are especially useful in view of the current situation when more people are at home.


The company aims to inform customers about the factors that affect electricity consumption, which increases during the winter season:

  • regime and intensity of consumption for each client/household
  • condition of the residential building/property: external walls, windows, doors, roof, floor, etc.
  • are there energy efficiency measures in the property/building
  • outdoor temperature: lowering the outdoor temperature by 1°C increases the energy consumption for heating by about 10%
  • type and number of appliances used and their energy efficiency class
  • the behavior when using electrical appliances
  • number of rooms in the dwelling that are heated, number of residents in the dwelling, etc.


Useful tips:

– Reduce the heating temperature at night and when you are away from home.

Avoid switching off the heaters completely, as this will make the walls of the house cool down and the appliances will consume more energy in order to reach the desired high temperature again.

– Do not cover or block heating appliances with furniture or heavy curtains, so as not to stop the heat they emit into the room.

– When buying an air conditioner, adjust the power of the appliance to the size of the room you are going to heat.

– Do not place the refrigerator/freezer near a heater or in direct sunlight.

– Use energy-saving light bulbs.

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