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(DF) Transport Minister Urges Sofia Airport Concessionnaire to Step up Investment Plans

December 23 (BTA) – The Sofia Airport concessionnaire, SOF Connect, will step up its investment plans in 2022. That was agreed Thursday during a meeting between Transport Minister Niolay Sabev (second from right in photo) and SOF Connect CEO Jesus Caballero. The Minister urged the concessionnaire to revise its investment programme and schedule for an earlier date some of the financial commitments in the concession agreement. He also insisted that the commercial area of the airport be modernized and restructured in keeping with the world standards the soonest possible. Jesus Caballero said that the investment planned for 2022 for the commercial areas is 4 million euro. He vowed to make Sofia Airport a regional air transport hub and promised to work for the opening of new services, including trans-Atlantic destinations.