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(DF) Stara Zagora Municipality Joins Four Paws Initiative to Reduce Use of Fireworks on New Year’s Eve

December 27 (BTA) – At the initiative of Mayor Zhivko Todorov, the Municipality of Stara Zagora is joining the campaign of the Four Paws Foundation titled “Beautiful to us is terrifying to them” and will not organize the traditional fireworks show to celebrate the coming of the New 2022, the press centre of the municipality said on Monday. The local administration is also inviting residents to follow suit and refrain from using firecrackers. The reason is that the noise caused by pyrotechnics stresses animals. What is a tolerable sound for people turns out to be a deafening explosion for them and disorients and frightens them, especially since they do not understand the origin of the sound. Exposing animals to fireworks noise can cause diseases such as tachycardia and shortness of breath. Many pets are lost during the holidays: overwhelmed by stress and loss of orientation, they do not find their way home, and there is a risk of accidents. The funds that will be saved will be donated in support of 23-year-old student Diana Miteva, who was seriously injured in a car accident at a crossroads in Stara Zagora. DT/MT