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(DF) COVID-19 Outbreak on Bulk Carrier in Varna Port, Cook Dies

December 31 (BTA) – All crew members of the Tzarevna, a Malta-registered bulk carrier which is on roadstead in Varna Port, have COVID-19, the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications told BTA on Friday. The cook, a Bulgarian citizen, died on Thursday night. The vessel had a crew of 18 sailors, 17 Bulgarians and 1 Ukrainian, the Ministry said. The Varna District Investigation Department is looking into the circumstances that have led to the cook’s death. The Varna District Prosecution Office has initiated pre-trial proceedings, the Varna Appellate Prosecution Office said in a press release on Friday. The vessel is currently being disinfected and later on an investigator and a forensic pathologist will board it to conduct an inspection. The health authorities have been notified so that they take care of the rest of the crew and prevent further spread of the infection.