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(DF) President Radev in New Year’s Eve Address: “We Overcame the Feeling of Doom, Today Is Time to Celebrate”

January 1 (BTA) – In his traditional New Year’s address to the nation on national television in the final minutes of the outgoing year, President Rumen Radev said that Bulgarian people overcame a feeling of doom in 2021, that now is a time to celebrate and that some big challenges remain. “Together with the rest of the world, Bulgarian people make a wish for a healthier and more prosperous year than the one which is about to end,” said the President. Looking back at the outgoing year, he said that Bulgarians “had more than enough of political rivalry”. “We had four parliaments and four governments. We voted many times. Today is a time to celebrate,” he said. Bulgarians can celebrate “the start of a new road”, Radev went on to say. “The changes are complex, the old regime will struggle to keep a system that ensured their impunity and gains but a process [of changes] has started and nothing will stop it if all of us join it: with our minds, will and courage,” he said. Radev said that the Bulgarian society changes when everybody is aware of their responsibility and “ennoble their relations with the others”. “As we fill up our glasses, let us remember those who need our support: the lonely, the weak, the poor, the friends and relatives who are going through hard times, physically and spiritually. Giving attention to the others is the most memorable gift we can give ourselves,” Radev said. He went on to thank all service persons, firemen, medics and others, who are on duty so that the others can celebrate. “In 2021 we overcame the feeling of doom. We discarded lots of myths and illusions. But many challenges remain. We have a health and energy crisis to handle, as well as their social and economic consequences but also have important decisions to make, to start brave and long-overdue reforms that will take us on the path of fast development so that we can take our deserved place in the European family, and be proud of the achievements of our education, science and culture, and our economic and technological accomplishments,” said the head of State. He urged Bulgarian people to “aspire highly, dream bravely and want more”. He made sure to mention Bulgarians abroad. “Thousands of Bulgarians do wonders with their talent and hard work. Many do it away from their Motherland but I am sure they never stop thinking about it. I am sure that this huge potential will transform Bulgaria in the coming years,” said Radev. LN/ President’s Administration Photo