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(DF) 30-40% of Hemus Motorway Money Went into GERB Party Coffers – Interior Minister

January 4 (BTA) – Not all of the resources allocated for the construction of parts of the Hemus Motorway went towards the actual construction, Interior Minister Boiko Rashkov told the media on Tuesday. “Out of the money remitted in advance to some of the would-be motorway construction companies, 30 to 40 per cent was channelled to a certain political party. The prosecution service asked me to name that party, and I named it to them earlier today: it was the GERB Political Party,” Rashkov said. GERB governed Bulgaria between 2009 and 2021, with two interruptions. Rashkov spoke to journalists after he was questioned by the Sofia City Prosecution Office (SCPO) for two hours earlier on Tuesday in connection with a statement he had made on Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) that he knows where the money intended for the construction of the Hemus Motorway actually went. There is only one defendant in a case of alleged misuse of funding for Hemus: a 42-year-old man named Borislav Kolev, who is in indefinite custody. According to Rashkov, the prosecution’s job now is to prove that the said money was received by GERB representatives. “I have no doubt that this was the way the money went,” he asserted. The Interior Minister repeated to the media what he had told the interviewing prosecutor: “I do not trust the prosecution service. And I am absolutely convinced that if I give specific facts and go deeper into the matter, the information will be divulged to [GERB leader] Borissov.” The SCPO reported that during Rashkov’s questioning on Tuesday in his capacity as a witness in the case, he did not say anything concrete – for example, he did not name any concrete individuals or places involved in the handover or concealment of the money he was talking about. The Interior Minister did not agree to have the questioning session audiorecorded or videotaped, the SCPO said. According to the prosecutors, Rashkov was asked to say anything he had to say about the Hemus case, anyway he chose to say it. The SCPO quoted Rashkov as describing his own remarks for BNR as “political”, adding that they “could be nothing but political”. RY/VE //