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(DF) Miladinov Brothers’ Death Anniversary Commemorated with BTA-Hosted Book Launch

January 11 (BTA) – The 160th anniversary of the Miladinov brothers’ death was commemorated at BTA headquarters on Tuesday. Dimitar Miladinov died on January 11, 1862, and Konstantin Miladinov on January 7, 1862. A phototype edition of their 1861 collection of works, “Bulgarian Folk Songs”, and “Collected Works” were press-launched at the event. The guests at the press-launch included Bulgarian Vice President Iliana Iotova; Bulgarian members of the Joint Expert Commission on Historical Issues between Bulgaria and North Macedonia, formed after the bilateral Treaty on Friendship, Goodneighbourliness and Cooperation which Sofia and Skopje signed in 2017; Sashko Nasev, Director of the Cultural and Information Centre of the Republic of North Macedonia in Sofia; historians and journalists. Vice President Iotova said: “This is the best possible gift that the Bulgarian people could receive at the beginning of the year.” She noted the vast amount of diplomatic work accomplished by the Miladinov brothers to make “Bulgarian Folk Songs” a fact. BTA Director General Kiril Valchev said that the fact that the Miladinovs anniversary is marked jointly by representatives of Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia shows that the 2017 Friendship Treaty between the two countries can be implemented in full. The mission of BTA and Skopje’s news agency MIA is “to remind people what today was yesterday”, Valchev said. VE Photo: BTA