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Ireland has Lifted almost All Restrictions due to Large Number of Booster Doses

Ireland will remove almost all restrictions against the spread of coronavirus today, after going through another wave of huge numbers infected with the spread of the Omicron variant, said Prime Minister Michal Martin in an address to the nation, reports BTA. Ireland ranked second in Europe in terms of morbidity last week, but at the same time, it is among the European countries with the highest booster doses of vaccine, leaving far fewer seriously ill people than in the previous wave.

Martin added that booster doses of the vaccine have completely changed the situation in the country. The country has been one of the most cautious in the EU over the risks of COVID-19, imposing some of the longest travel restrictions.

Following advice from health authorities, the government decided it would no longer need to close bars and restaurants at 8 p.m. That was the restriction introduced late last year when the Omicron variant began rolling out. The certificate requirement is also waived.

Indoor and outdoor spaces will now be able to operate at full capacity. People will still have to wear masks when traveling by public transport and in shops.