(DF) Prime Minister Petkov: Sofia Will Take Nationally Responsible Stance on Tension over Ukraine

January 25 (BTA) – Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov Tuesday said Sofia will take a nationally responsible position on tension over Ukraine based on comprehensive analysis by all services. Later in the day, the Security Council under the Council of Ministers will discuss the rising tensions over Ukraine and NATO plans to beef up its eastern flank. Petkov said the Security Council should be the main decision maker about Bulgaria’s security from now on. “The number one task of today’s meeting is to make a thorough analysis of the situation and make recommendations to the Council of Ministers, which is meeting on Wednesday,” said the Prime Minister. The recommendations will also reach the National Assembly, which is holding an extraordinary sitting on this matter on Wednesday. Petkov said there is no need for the President to call a meeting of the Consultative Council on National Security because the Security Council under the Prime Minister will analyse the state of the national security protection system. Petkov expressed a hope for “a clear reading of the situation” after Tuesday’s meeting and the information of the security services. He said the ships and the aircraft which are being sent to Bulgaria are part of a 2016 NATO decision on enhanced air-policing and not a response to an emergency situation. DD