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Bulgaria: New Rise in Fuel Prices is Expected

Serious difficulties for carriers due to fuel prices. Due to the higher prices of raw materials, a number of districts have problems with transport between villages and towns, Nova TV reports. There is also a significant jump in the fuels we refuel every day.

According to the Fuelo website, we pay an average of BGN 2.49 for A95 petrol. A liter of diesel costs BGN 2.57, and gas costs BGN 1.40 per liter.

In February 2021, gasoline was BGN 1.91, as well as diesel and propane-butane – 97 cents. In percentage terms, the increase in gas is the highest – 31%. Gasoline jumped 23 percent and diesel 26 percent.

Pazardzhik is one of the regional cities where the transport with the villages suffers more and more – both because of the fewer trips during the pandemic and because of the high fuel prices. A month ago, 75-year-old Milena Ugorelkova, who lives in the village of Borimechkovo in Pazardzhik, fell ill. Now she has to go for a check-up with a specialist at the city hospital. She has set aside money from her pension to pay neighbors who have a car to drive her. Right now, as I am sick, and such as my friends who are sick, we can not help each other. How and where to go and how will we go to the doctor? We endure the pain, lie down and wait if we are lucky enough to live,” she said.

The situation is such that carriers cannot cover the costs of all lines. At 190 courses a day before the start of the pandemic, today 120 courses pass through the transport hub, which is a reduction of 40%. The most reduced courses are from Pazardzhik to Plovdiv, Velingrad, Peshtera and Sofia,” said Snezhana Gumnerova, who works in the Public Relations Department at Pazardzhik Bus Station.

The situation is similar in Dimitrovgrad. The situation is tragic. The transport is very threatened by the almost impossible maintenance on the lines”, commented Deyan Georgiev – concessionaire of the bus station in Dimitrovgrad. Experts explain that the threat of BGN 3 per liter of diesel or gasoline is not real at the moment. I do not think it will reach the BGN 3, as we still have a very serious range up to this point. This means that the price of oil on international markets should be in the range of 130 dollars, which I do not think will happen,” said Vasil Nachev, who is an energy expert.

However, prices could jump by another 20 cents. If it maintains these levels, ie between 90 and 100 dollars, if it moves for a barrel of oil, it means that the price will be BGN 2.50-2.70,” Nachev added. Currently, a barrel of oil is priced at about $92.


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