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Education Ministry Mulls Revisions to Higher Education Legislation

This year the Ministry of Education and Science will propose revisions to the Higher Education Act and the Development of Academic Staff in the Republic of Bulgaria Act.  These are in line with the Strategy of Higher Education in Bulgaria (2021-2030), will be discussed with the Rectors’ Council and all stakeholders, and aim to improve the quality of Bulgarian higher education and international awareness about Bulgarian universities to the point where at least one is part of the top 500 of a world ranking in the next years, the Ministry said on Tuesday. 
The reform will begin with heightening requirements to academic staff and improving the systems of accreditation and attestation, as well as countering plagiarism.
To be successful, all changes will step on increased funding for higher education, which in turn will be tied to achieving goals and indicators mapped out in advance. 
The Ministry will commission an impact assessment and will present the drafts for public discussion, the press release said.