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Gradual Relaxation of COVID-related Restrictions to Begin on Thursday

Health Minister Asena Serbezova has ordered a gradual relaxation of COVID-related restrictions in Bulgaria. Starting on February 24, the owners or managers of restaurants, bars and other catering establishments, or the organizers of events in such places, may choose not to require their customers to present a green certificate. The green certificate requirement will remain compulsory in all places of public significance.
As of the same date, groups of up to 12 children will be allowed to attend in-person classes at language learning centres, education and personal development establishments, provided that they wear face masks and disinfect their hands, and the premises are aired every hour and are disinfected.
The Chief State Inspector proposes a three-step approach to easing anti-epidemic measures so that the green certificate requirement is abolished altogether by March 20 if the COVID situation permits, the Health Ministry said.