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Parliament Debates Declaration Condemning Russia’s Actions in Ukraine

MPs are debating a draft of a joint declaration by the 47th National Assembly to condemn the breach of international law by the Russian Federation and the encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine through a military intervention.
The text of the declaration was presented Andrey Gyurov, floor leader of Continu the Change. It expresses support for allies from the EU and NATO while discussing a package of measures including sanctions for de-escalation of the conflict. It voices support for the Bulgarian government in undertaking the necessary measures, in proportion to the severity of the challenges to the international security architecture, and for providing aid to Ukraine. The declaration states that Parliament supports the Bulgarian government in demanding protection of the life and health of the civilians in the region to be made an absolute priority.  
During the discussions Vazrazhdane leader Kostadin Kostadinov said that his party won’t support a document which envisages sanctions for Russia.  
Prior to the military operation the opposition proposed to the ruling majority the adoption of a joint declaration but no common position was put forward. 
Declarations condemning the Russian aggression in Ukraine were adopted by the municipal councils in Sofia and Ruse. PP