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Defence Minister Yanev: Biggest Risk for Bulgaria Related to International Relations, Security Systems Issues

Diplomacy has failed and then came the military actions. The biggest risk for Bulgaria is the problem with the international relations and security systems. Big or small, every state could be in Ukraine’s role, Defence Minister Stefan Yanev said on Bulgarian National TV’s Panorama show late on Friday. On the world stage there are willing and unwilling, capable and incapable, and not big and small, he added.   “We must think how to position Bulgaria in the system of international relations, so that our voice can be heard and we can be part of the solution and not part of future consequences, for which someone else has made the decisions,” he said. 
The Bulgarian Army is combat-ready, Yanev said. “We have our capabilities and know our limits,” he added. 
Bulgaria has one position, which is to protect its national interest within NATO, because that is Bulgaria’s conscious choice, the Minister stressed. 
Bulgaria is helping Ukraine with humanitarian aid and the provision of asylum, he added.  “We must chose words very carefully, because after the war comes diplomacy, the way of solving the problem, which arose from the war,” he told a question why he refrained from using the word “war”. Yanev noted that in his capacity as Defence Minister, he has a responsibility before the Bulgarian citizens, who must be informed but not frightened. 
Stefan Yanev said he became Minister of Defence in Bulgaria’s name, because he was aware of what was coming and wanted to give his best. He commented that this comes with the risk that his resignation may be demanded. “It’s interesting that these are people from the [ruling] coalition, who support the Government,” Yanev said, wondering if, by demanding the resignation of a Cabinet member, they are aware how this may change the whole construction and coalition, whether they have a plan ready, whether this Parliament can produce a government or there will be new elections.