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Russia Advised Tour Operators to Replace Bulgaria with other Destinations

Rostourism, Russia’s federal tourism agency, has recommended tour operators replace Bulgaria with other destinations, TASS reported.

The recommendation was given in connection with the closure of Bulgarian airspace for Russian air carriers and the mirror closure of Russian airspace for Bulgarian, including transit flights.

Bulgaria is Closing its Airspace to all Russian Aircraft

Russia is Closing its Airspace to Airlines from Bulgaria

In the current situation, the visits to Bulgaria by Russian tourists with direct flights from February 26 is not possible, the ministry said. Citizens who have purchased tours to Bulgaria have the right to apply at the place of purchase for their replacement or rescheduling the trip.

Organized tourists who are in Bulgaria should contact their tour operator to arrange a return route to Russia. Independent tourists staying in Bulgaria should contact the representatives of the airline for whose flights a return ticket has been purchased, and in case of difficulties to contact the Russian Consulate in Bulgaria. Tourists must also register in the application “Foreign Assistant” of the Russian Foreign Ministry, stressed Rostourism.

Currently, Rostourism together with the Ministry of Transport, the Federal Air Transport Agency and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is preparing a list of tourists who cannot fly to Russia from Bulgaria to organize their return home.

“We urge tourists who find it difficult to return to Russia from other countries to register in the Foreign Assistant application of the Russian Foreign Ministry. In addition, we ask tourists to contact the hotline launched by Rostourism together with the ONF and the Roscongress Foundation by calling 8 (800) 200-34-11. The line works every day from 08:00 Moscow time to 20:00 Moscow time, the call is free,” added the department.

According to the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, currently between 300 and 500 Russian citizens are vacationing in Bulgaria.


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