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Hundreds of Russian Tourists are Blocked in Bansko due to Canceled Flights

Hundreds of Russian tourists are blocked in Bansko due to the canceled flights. Many of them also found themselves without funds, as they could not make payments with their cards. The only way to return is through Turkey or Serbia. There has also been speculation about the supply of tickets, according to tour operators and hoteliers.

The situation of Russian tourists who came on a family vacation in Bansko is close to that of two years ago, when the resort was closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Thousands of foreign tourists were then gradually escorted to airports with the help of embassies. Now the reason is even more appalling, and people are left to fend for themselves. Tour operators and hoteliers working on the Russian market have sounded the alarm about the growing problem.

Mass Cancellations of Reservations from Abroad in Bansko due to the War in Ukraine

Russian tourists who prefer the winter resort of Bansko are undoubtedly wealthy people. And as such, they are used to paying with bank cards. Now, this is also impossible.


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