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Deputy Defence Minister Simeonova Resigns

Deputy Defence Minister Ralitsa Simeonova Wednesday announced her resignation in a judgmental Facebook post where she slams the government for its policies and for being influenced by others. “What I saw in the past few months solidified my conviction that we live in a captured state that is humiliated by friend and foe and exploited for the accomplishment of personal goals and ambitions,” she writes. She says the defence sector is a good illustration of such practices. “I don’t know why we still talk about national policy. There is an acute sense that this is the policy of another state and our institutions are merely implementing it.” She says that all resources are mobilized to crush those who want to change things and “preserve what has remained of the national dignity”. 
All her career Simeonova has worked in the presidential administration. Before her appointment as Deputy Defence Minister, Simeonova was chief of office of Stefan Yanev while he was caretaker Prime Minister.
Stefan Yanev was replaced as Defence Minister in the government of Kiril Petkov over his overly cautious Ukraine rhetoric.