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Bulgarian Ski Resorts report a Good but Difficult Winter Season

Good winter season, but difficult due to the unpredictable situation with the coronavirus, high energy prices and inflation, which reduces profits, according to major ski resorts. The end of the winter season will begin after April 10.

The ski areas in Bansko and Pamporovo will be closed on April 10, the Vitosha season is expected to end on April 15, the closure of Malyovitsa will be on April 17, but the facilities will be open on weekends and in Borovets until the end of April.

In all ski areas, visitors enjoyed a large amount of snow, but on Vitosha, throughout the winter season, a problem was created by the wind, which periodically stopped the facilities.

Employment in hotels for different periods was between 70% and 90%.

Martin Itsov from the concessionaire company of Malyovitsa: “We had over 90% tourists from Bulgaria mainly.”

According to Malin Bistrin in Bansko, “apart from the Bulgarians, who are our strongest tourists, others came from Israel, Great Britain, fewer Turkish guests, other Balkan countries also reported a good presence, but unfortunately, the Russian-speakers withdrew almost in the middle of the season at the end of February”

Blagovesta Tomova from the Union of Hoteliers in Borovets: “The guests from Great Britain have returned. We had guests from (North) Macedonia, Serbia, Greece, Kosovo and, of course, many guests from Bulgaria.”

Marian Belyakov from the concessionaire company in Pamporovo: “All the charter programs we had from last year have resumed, and it also turned out that in the current situation, the interest in ski services was much higher than expected, although there were not a huge number of pre-booked applications for ski nights.”

There is good employment in the resorts and for the spring vacation of the students, where various discounts are provided, snow parties are organized, and on Vitosha, they offer one hour of free skiing or snowboarding training for children.


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