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USA: The Delivery Date of the F-16 for Bulgaria is 2025

The delivery date of the F-16 fighters for Bulgaria is 2025, not 2030.

This is how US Embassy in Bulgaria responded to a question from Bulgarian media ClubZ.

The reason for the question was the words of President Rumen Radev after the NATO summit in Brussels on March 24. He then stated that Bulgaria is ready to lease second-hand fighters from NATO allies, while the delivery of the F-16 ordered in the United States for our air force is expected.

Bulgaria might Look for “Second Hand” F-16s or European Fighter Jets on Lease

“The fact that we will eventually have an F-16 combat squadron that will be able to be on combat duty in NATO’s integrated system, around 2030, means that we must fill this gap so that we do not lose the most important thing. – ability, pilots, technicians, aviation specialists,” the president said.

The Bulgarian Air Force will be able to operate the planes shortly after they are delivered in 2025, the US embassy said.

“We also work closely with our partners in the Air Force of the Republic of Bulgaria to assist in the preparation of infrastructure and maintenance opportunities for aircraft. The eight aircraft F-16 Block 70 that Bulgaria purchased, equipped with the latest radar system and ammunition, will greatly contribute to improving the capabilities of the Bulgarian Air Force and will be an important addition to the capabilities of NATO,” said the diplomatic mission.

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