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New Exhibition Presents Artistic Dialogue between Two Generations of Painters

The new exhibition We Could Be Heroes presents the artistic dialogue between the generations of painters Tekla Aleksieva and Iskra Blagoeva, said Goethe Institute. It will host the exhibition from April 6 to May 5 with painter Nadezhda Oleg Lyahova as the curator. 
Over 30 years and many social, historical and generational differences stand between the two painters. That is way a comparison between their works might initially sound fantastical and unexpected, but it is exactly the fantastical that is typical of both painters’ creations and makes them an interesting object of parallel interpretation, the organizers said. 
Tekla Aleksieva leaves a mark in Bulgarian visual culture with her illustrations for Galaxy Library and her fantastical, naively romantic and surrealistic style. Iskra Blagoeva is known for her precise use of means of expression and illustrative approach filled with symbolic meanings and tension, Goethe Institute said. We Could Be Heroes is above all a women’s exhibition where two women from different generations reflect on one of masculinity’s strongest attributes: heroism.