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Team of Graduate Law Students from Sofia University Wins Prestigious Vis Moot Contest

The team of four graduate law students from the St Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia has made history with winning the 29th Willem C. Vis Moot – the biggest and most prestigious contest for international commercial arbitration, the website reported on Friday. 
This year’s edition of the competition, dubbed the Olympic Games in law, took place in April 9 through to 14, online and onsite in Vienna. 
The winning team of the the young Bulgarian lawyers-to-be consisted of two fourth-year law students Yoana Vulova and Sofia Lefterova, fifth-year student Ivan Ivanov, and Diana Zasheva who is due to sit her graduation state exams.
The four students were coached by long-term trainers of the Bulgarian team taking part in the contest: lawyers Oleg Temnikov, Dimiter Stoimenov, Eleonora Mateina, Lia Harizanova, and assistant professor Anastas Pounev. 
Teams from 365 universities from 84 countries took part in the 29th Vis Moot. The total number of the participating students exceeded 2,500. The different stages of the competition were held online with a special electronic platform used in arbitration proceedings. 
After the stage of general grounds, the Sofia University team reached the phase of direct eliminations where the best 64 team participate. This is the second time in the history of the Bulgarian participation in the Vis Moot when the Bulgarian team reached the direct eliminations. 
But the four lawyers-to-be from the Sofia University did not stop there and went on to win all elimination rounds. 
At the final the Bulgarians faced a team from the University of Hamburg and won the contest with a unanimous decision of the Final Arbitrators Panel, and to the applause of more than 3,000 people from around the world. 
The Bulgarian team also won the award for the best Memorandum of Respondent, while Ivan Ivanov won an individual prize for best performance in the oral rounds. 
In previous participations in the Moot the Sofia University team has won awards for written defence and for oralists. However, as a team the highest achievement so far has been reaching the top 16 teams of the competition. 
The annual Vis Moot contest is organized by the Association for the Organization and Promotion of the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot. The goal of the Vis Arbitral Moot is to foster the study of international commercial law and arbitration for resolution of international business disputes.