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April 17 Weather Forecast

Significant weather shift. Rainfall in many areas. Temperatures to go down during the day, between 8C and 13C in the morning (about 10 C in Sofia), and 2-8C in the evening.
Rainy and cloudy along the Black sea coast. Moderate to strong northeasterly wind.  Temperatures to go down during the day, between 10C and 14C in the morning and 5-7C in the evening. Sea water temperature: 8-11C.
Cloudy, foggy in the mountains, with snowfall over 1,200 metres and rainfall below. Significant precipitation in Western and Central Bulgaria. Moderate to strong southerly wind before noon, northeasterly by the evening. Cold front. Around 2 pm temperatures will reach 3C, around 1,200 metres and -2C at 2,000 metres.