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Coalition Council Meeting on Ukraine Aid No Longer Necessary – Democratic Bulgaria

It is no longer necessary to hold Tuesday a meeting of the coalition council, which includes the parties in the government, to discuss aid to Ukraine because a recent change of heart in two of the power-sharing parties, There Is Such a People (TISP) and Continue the Change (CC), in favour of sending military aid to Kyiv means that such a decision is very much likely to go through in Parliament, Hristo Ivanov of Democratic Bulgaria said on Bulgarian National Radio Monday.
Democratic Bulgaria, which is one of four parties in the government coalition, has been the most vocal advocate of military aid for Ukraine. The fourth partner, the Socialist party, has said that such aid is a red line for them and they might reconsider their participation in the coalition if such a decision is made by the government. The “change of heart” of the other two parties that Ivanov mentioned referred to statements by TISP leader Slavi Trifonov and Prime Minister Kiril Petkov of the CC that they believe Bulgaria should send military aid.
Ivanov said that his party would propose that a decision on sending military aid to Ukraine be put atop the agenda of Parliament on its next sitting, on May 4.
The formerly ruling GERB are also supportive of sending military aid, and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms have indicated that they are in favour as well.
Ivanov also said that his party would accept the Prime Minister’s invitation to join a delegation to Kyiv. Its representative will be picked to match the level of the representatives of the other parties.