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Prime Minister to Leave for Ukraine on Wednesday

Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said on Sunday that a delegation of the government coalition will leave for Kyiv on Wednesday. The delegation will deliver a donation of helmets and bulletproof vests; will demonstrate Bulgaria’s support for Ukraine by its very presence in the country; and will discuss the possibility to pull out a Bulgarian ship stranded at the Ukrainian seaport of Chornomorsk, Petkov told bTV. “We should hear what their real needs are because I have got the impression that everyone is talking about military or non-military assistance. The people there have real needs and it is about time we get down to the details about what they need and what Bulgaria can provide,” he said.
So far, Stanislav Balabanov MP of the There Is Such a People party is the only person known to be going to Ukraine together with the Prime Minister. The Bulgarian Socialist Party and Democratic Bulgaria are expected to send representatives as well.
Petkov said Friday evening that he will invite a Bulgarian delegation consisting of representatives of the government coalition parties to visit Kyiv with him in the coming days. His remarks came shortly after Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba’s visit to Sofia, during which he said that it is time Bulgaria made up its mind over whether or not it will send military aid to Ukraine.