The Weather on April 30 – May 2

Brief rainfalls, more intense in some areas in Southwestern Bulgaria.  Moderate east-northeasterly wind, up to strong in Eastern Bulgaria. Lows: 7-12C, 8C in Sofia. Highs: 16-21C.  
Cloudy along the Black sea coast, with almost no rainfall. Clouds will begin to disperse by the evening. Moderate to strong east-northeasterly wind. Highs: 14-18C, sea water temperature: 12-17C.
Cloudy in the mountains, with brief rainfalls, more intense in Eastern Bulgarian mountains. Moderate east-northeasterly wind, northwesterly wind at highest peaks. Highs: 10C at 1,200 m, 4C at 2,000 m. 
Unseasonably cool, with broken cloud. Scattered showers, probably more intensive in the southwest, where cumulus cloud will develop in the afternoon. Wind easterly, moderate. Lows: 5-10C. Highs: 16-21C in most areas.
Source: National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology