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Bulgaria Marks 146th Anniversary of April Uprising

On Sunday Bulgaria marked the 146th anniversary of the April Uprising, which precipitated the 1877-1878 Russo-Turkish War that led to Bulgaria’s liberation.  
Observances were held in the western towns of Koprivshtitsa, Klissoura and Panagyurishte, where National Assembly Chair Nikola Minchev delievered a speech in the occasion. “We’re all here today to bow down before the immortal heroes of the April Uprising. Heroes that continue to this day to serve as an example of patriotism, dedication and self-sacrifice in the name of the motherland.” 
Minchev recalled that in April of 1876, the town of Panagyurishte has become the brightest hotspot of armed resistance and a symbol of the strength, resolve and will of the Bulgarians to reject tyranny and restore their State. Among the official guests in Panagyurishte were Chief of Defence Admiral Emil Eftimov, Tourism Minister Hristo Prodanov, Pazardzhik Regional Governor Andrey Gechev, MPs, military top brass and municipal mayors. 
Vice President Iliana Yotova took part in the observances in Klissoura. “At a time when bold decisions should be made, Bulgaria needs strong men. Like those born on this land and in Klissoura. Unfortunately, we don’t see that. Unfortunately, Bulgaria’s shaky positions weaken our positions both inside the country and outside. The use of the phrase ‘some people’ for the heroes of Bulgaria is unacceptable for me,” said Iotova in her address.
National Assembly Chair Nikola Minchev and Prime Minister Kiril Petkov were in Koprivshtitsa where they visited the grave of Todor Kableshkov and attended a re-enectment of the events of the April Uprising.
In his address Petkov said: “Bulgaria’s future depends on us alone. Let’s be united for the sake of a better Bulgaria.”
On Saturday evening, President Rumen Radev attended a tattoo and reviewed the troops in Koprivshtitsa. He was joined by Admiral Emil Eftimov and MPs.