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9,000-Plus Unemployed to Start Work under Regional Employment Programmes in 2022

A total of 9,150 jobs for unemployed youth, people aged over 50, persons with disabilities, discouraged workers and low-skilled people will be created in 2022 under regional employment programmes, the Bulgarian Labour and Social Policy Ministry said in a press release on Wednesday.
This number is more than treble last year’s.
Both public and private sector employers will be eligible to apply for the programmes by the May 20 deadline. Temporary protection beneficiaries can also be hired under the scheme.The National Action Plan for Employment allocates BGN 48 million for the creation of jobs for disadvantaged groups on the labour market. Either full-time or part-time employment will be subsidized for a period ranging from three to six months. Both the jobless and the business and local government will thus be aided in the regions experiencing difficulties as a result of the two-year-long COVID crisis. The increased funding will make it possible for the programmes will create jobs in a larger number of settlements.
The purpose of regional employment programmes is to reduce local-level unemployment and regional disparities in labour supply and demand.