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Q1 Residential Buildings in 2022 Increase by 27% Year-on-Year

According to preliminary data released by the National Statistical Institute on Monday, there were 1,206 newly built residential buildings in the first quarter of 2022, comprising 4,299 housing units. Compared to the same quarter of 2021, the number of residential buildings has increased by 254 or by 26.7%. The number of housing units has decreased by 174 or 3.9%.
The largest number of new residential buildings were built in Sofia City (162 buildings with 1,250 housing units), Plovdiv (147 buildings with 316 housing units), and Varna (130 buildings with 596 housing units).
Three-room apartments were the largest share (36%), followed by two-room ones (34,3%). One-room apartments were the smallest share (4.5%).
The highest average useful floor space of a new building was registered in Silistra Region (241.3 sq m) and Targovishte (169.6 sq m). The lowest average useful floor space was in Veliko Tarnovo Region (68.3 sq m) and Kardzhali Region (72.7 sq m).