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VP Iotova Visits BTA’s National Press Club in Bosilegrad

Vice President Iliana Iotova Tuesday visited BTA’s National Press Club in Bosilegrad (Serbia). The meeting was attended by Bulgaria’s Ambassador to Serbia Petko Doykov, BTA Deputy Director General Evgenia Drumeva and BTA correspondent Aleksandar Dimitrov, Chairman of the Glas – Bosilegrad Association.
Iotova said she was certain that the functions and importance of the club “go far beyond the word ‘press'”. “It is a spiritual centre, together with the Cultural Centre in Bosilegrad, especially since the centre of the Bulgarian minority has moved to Bosilegrad. I am sure that from here you send not only a plethora of news from Bulgaria, but you also make sure that the relations between the two countries deepen and that if there are any unresolved issues, they are ironed out faster, therefore you are of great help to our political representation in Belgrade,” the Vice President said.
Iotova was in Bosilegrad for the celebration of the Day of the Holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius, of the Bulgarian Alphabet, Education and Culture, and of Slavic Literature “I strongly hope that this hall will host many discussions on matters of shared interest, on issues raised by our national minority, on outstanding problems in education and on bilateral ties,” the Vice President added.
Iotova and Ambassador Doykov discussed the preparation of a Bulgarian-Serbian business forum in Bosilegrad which should map out opportunities for the development of the region. The diplomat said that the event could take place in the second half of September.  
Iotova also said: “There is a dearth of news from this region reaching Bulgaria and I hope that through BTA, we will hear more about the Cultural Centre here, the activities of the Bulgarian national minority and the club’s activities.”
She asked the Cultural Centre, the school and the press club to provide information and support to would-be students who need help in mastering the Bulgarian language before they go to study in their parents’ home country.
BTA Deputy Director General Evgenia Drumeva said that one of the policies of BTA’s new management is to support and open national press clubs where there are Bulgarian communities. There are three national press clubs abroad: in Bosilegrad, Taraclia and Skopje. 
Aleksandar Dimitrov pointed out that the Press Club in Bosilegrad opened six years ago.