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EU Enlargement towards Western Balkans Discussed at BTA Club in Skopje

Politicians, diplomats and experts discussed the EU’s expected enlargement with Albania and North Macedonia and the Bulgarians’ views on the matter at a discussion of the BTA Bulgarian Voices for Europe series held in Skopje on Friday.
The start of accession talks with the two candidate countries is planned on the agenda of the June 23 EU-Western Balkans leaders’ meeting. Bulgaria blocks the start of accession talks with North Macedonia on the grounds that Skopje must take practical steps towards resolving the outstanding bilateral issues, including the Bulgarians’ rights in North Macedonia and hate speech against Bulgaria. 
Friday’s discussion was held at BTA’s National Press Club in Skopje. Through the European Parliament-backed Bulgarian Voices for Europe project, BTA seeks out the voices of Bulgarians in and outside Bulgaria. It is part of the Conference on the Future of Europe, co-chaired by the presidents of the European Parliament, the EU Council and the European Commission. The discussion in Skopje was livestreamed on the social networks.