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Today’s Observances: May 27

On this date in Bulgarian history:
1387: Bulgaria signs its earliest surviving international trade agreement, between Despot Ivanko of Dobroudja and independent Genovese merchant community of Constantinople suburb of Pera.
1880: Second Ordinary National Assembly passes Right to Mint Coins in the Principality Act, which proclaims the lev, divided into 100 stotinki, as Bulgaria’s national currency.
1925: Three culprits for April 16, 1925 bombing of Sofia’s St Nedelya Cathedral are hanged in Bulgaria’s last public execution.
2001: Balkan Political Club is set up on the initiative of former president Zhelyu Zhelev (1990-1997).
2005: Bulgaria deposits Ratification Instrument for Treaty concerning the Accession of the Republic of Bulgaria to the European Union.