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National Heroes Honoured with Military Tattoo, Fireworks Display

The Day of Botev and All Who Died for Bulgaria’s Freedom (June 2) was marked with a military tattoo and a fireworks display in Vratsa on the evening of June 1.
Addressing the crowd, President Rumen Radev said: “Freedom earned with sacrifice in the past should be defended with wisdom nowadays. We have gathered here, as usual, to honour the sacrifice of the heroes to whom we owe our freedom. We are here at the monument of [revolutionary] Hristo Botev in Vratsa, in the area where the Balkan Range holds the mortal remains of rebels. They paid the price of freedom, which others would defend afterwards for a century and a half in wars and hardships – the freedom which we all enjoy today.”
On June 2, sirens across the country will sound off for two minutes at noon in honour of Botev and all other national heroes.