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Bulgarian Businessman: Adopting the Euro will tell the World that We are Stupid

The adoption of the euro tells the world: “We are so stupid that we do not deserve an independent monetary policy and we should be ruled by European officials,” businessman Ivaylo Penchev commented last night on TV1. Penchev is the CEO of “Walltopia”, currently the largest manufacturer of artificial climbing walls in the world.

According to him, it is inappropriate for Bulgaria to boast of a new dependence on the EU. “I do not share the euphoria that we will become dependent on something else from the EU. It will not affect businesses in a special way, people may become poorer,” Penchev said.

He called the new budget immoral because it will take on debts that will be repaid by future generations. “I believe that the budget should either be balanced or to be in a plus,” the businessman stressed.

Penchev does not accept the idea of zero VAT on bread, expecting fraud “from thugs“. “Now the muffin will become bread, the pizza will become bread and the crooks will get rich,” the businessman said.

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