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Bulgaria: What is the Price of Natural Gas for June

The Energy and Water Regulatory Commission approved the price of natural gas, as of June 1, 2022, in the amount of BGN 141.36 / MWh (excluding prices for access, transmission, excise and VAT). At this price, Bulgargaz will sell natural gas to the final suppliers of natural gas and to persons who have been issued a license for production and transmission of heat.

The price of BGN 141.36 / MWH is 13% lower than in May and is below the price of gas for April, which proves that the secured supplies of liquefied gas are a real alternative to the unilaterally terminated supplies by Gazprom.

All the necessary quantities of natural gas are provided for the Bulgarian household consumers, the industrial clients, as well as the district heating companies. They get the best possible prices, despite the global energy crisis with extremely high prices.

The Commission determined the price of natural gas for June after an in-depth analysis of the data and documents provided in the price application submitted by Bulgargaz.

It was established that the public supplier has formed the total estimated quantity for the domestic market on the basis of two sources – under a contract for the supply of natural gas with a company from Azerbaijan and under the Agreement for the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG). The application of Bulgargaz contains the individual prices of the suppliers and the number of their quantities in the total mix.

In the coming months, the main challenge is to secure long-term alternative supply contracts. In order to achieve security of supply and price stability, the EWRC recommends concluding contracts with at least three alternative suppliers with different methods of price formation.

With the achieved price for June, Bulgargaz proves that by attracting new suppliers Bulgaria can achieve lower prices than those of Gazprom, which is good for both household consumers and the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy. “Our common goal is to be the direction in the coming months and years and thus our country to overcome its historical energy dependence on one supplier – Russia,” said EWRC Chairman Stanislav Todorov at an open meeting on June 9, 2022.

The decision of the EWRC for approval of the price of natural gas, as of 01.06.2022, will be published on the website of the regulator.

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