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Parliament Adopted at First Reading an Update of NHIF Budget for 2022

Parliament adopted at first reading an update of the NHIF budget for this year, submitted by the Council of Ministers. The update was adopted on a 130 to 70 vote with 29 abstentions.
An increase in health insurance revenues in the total amount of BGN 111,800,000 from transfers for health insurance is envisaged.
Funds in the amount of BGN 118,500,000 for a six-month period were earmarked for the payment of additional salaries to the staff of hospital medical care providers for the duration of a declared emergency epidemic situation.
The necessary additional funds for staff costs amount to BGN 4,000,000 for a 6-month period from July to December 2022.
Another BGN 2,300,000 are provided for the maintenance of administrative activities related to the processes of negotiation, granting, payment, provision and control of aids, devices, equipment, and medical devices for people with disabilities.
Some BGN 10,000,000 were envisaged for other health insurance payments for medical care, including the administration of vaccines against COVID-19.