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Today’s Observances: June 18-19

June 18
The world:
– European Wind Day;
– National Day of Seychelles: Constitution Day (1993).
On this date in Bulgarian history:
1947: Diplomatic relations with Hungary are restored after being severed on September 26, 1944. Bilateral diplomatic relations are first established on August 9, 1920. Promoted to embassy level on February 13, 1954.
1981: New cabinet is formed with Grisha Filipov as prime minister (in office until June 19, 1986).
1999: Higher Education Act is amended and supplemented to establish universal tuition fee in state-owned universities.
2004: US Federal Bureau of Investigation opens office in Sofia.
2006: Marble head of the Greek god Dionysus, dating from 1st-2nd century AD, is discovered by archaeologist Dimiter Yankov at Stara Zagora (Southeastern Europe).
2007: Terminal 5 is inaugurated at Varna Airport (on the Black Sea). 
June 19
On this date in Bulgarian history:
1879: Diplomatic relations established with Turkey.
1984: Politburo of Bulgarian Communist Party (BCP) Central Committee adopts decision “On Further Consolidation and Enlistment of Bulgarian Turks for the Cause of Socialism, for the BCP Policy,” launching so-called “Regeneration Process” (internationally condemned campaign to assimilate country’s Muslim minority by forcing 720,000-820,000 ethnic Turks and 180,000-250,000 Muslim Roma to adopt Slavic names).
1987: National Earth and Man Museum is inaugurated in Sofia.
2002: Sweden opens Honorary Consulate in Varna.
2002: Parliament resolves that Bulgaria will contribute to operation of International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan (ISAF) pursuant to UN Security Council Resolution 1413 (2002), acting under Turkish command.
2005: Prime Ministers Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha of Bulgaria and Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey inaugurate border crossing between Lessovo and Hamzabeyli.
2014: Thirteen people are killed and dozens are injured after torrential rain floods low-lying parts of Asparouhovo Quarter of Varna (on Black Sea).