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TISP Leader Trifonov: French Proposal about North Macedonia Shows Kiril Petkov Led Different Foreign Policy

In a statement on 7/8 TV There Is Such a People (TISP) leader Slavi Trifonov said that the French proposal for unblocking the start of EU accession talks with North Macedonia has shown that Prime Minister Kiril Petkov has led a policy different from that of the Foreign Ministry. 
“This document speaks of a Bulgarian minority which is something that we as Bulgarians have never accepted because the truth is that in North Macedonia there is no Bulgarian minority but there are Bulgarians,” said Trifonov.
“The proposal says that we should allow North Macedonia to begin talks with the EU and that the EU and France will guarantee that North Macedonia will honour its commitments to Bulgaria. Then it will include the Bulgarians in its constitution and will adopt the decisions laid out in the 2017 Goodneighbourliness Treaty,” said Trifonov, questioning this arrangement.
Trifonov called suggestions the accusations that TISP are mafia and involved in corruption. According to him these are ridiculous explanations about the incompetence and national betrayal of Kiril Petkov.
Trifonov said that next week TISP will state its position through its MPs. “Trade with MPs in the past days has been so humiliating and shameful and shows one thing that Kiril Petkov wants to stay in power at any cost,” said the TISP leader.
Trifonov said that he hadn’t talked with anyone ahead of the no-confidence vote in the government and that there won’t be a coalition between TISP, GERB and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms.