Vazrazhdane MP Guncheva Leaves Political Party, National Assembly

Vazrazhdane MP Elena Guncheva wrote on her personal Facebook profile on Thursday evening that she is leaving the political party Vazrazhdane as well as resigning from her position as an MP. On Friday morning, Guncheva said that she is taking a break from politics. 
She wrote that in an organization the problems must be set clearly and solved in a balanced and the best way possible. “Individual decisions cannot and should not be imposed. We need balance and tolerance for different opinions”, Guncheva said.
She said that the idea of Vazrazhdane is wonderful and she fully shares it. “There are decent and patriotic Bulgarians in the party, with whom I am proud to have been side by side in our struggle for Bulgaria,” Guncheva added. She also thanked all the citizens who voted in the regions of Plovdiv and Veliko tarnovo.
She noted that she is resigning as an MP and is leaving Vazrazhdane, although she still believes in the party’s ideas, but no longer trusts its leader, Kostadin Kostadinov.